Service agreement and terms of use for companies and organizations


These general terms and conditions of use and contract apply to the contractual relationship between the PeiDei application offered by PeiDei Oy (hereinafter PeiDei or PeiDei service) and the employer acting as the client.

The PeiDei service acts as a broker of contact information and knowledge-related information. 

The service is integrated into the customer register of RX Enterprise Oy, which acts as a technology supplier. The service is immediately available when the login is successful.

The purpose and goal of the service

In the service offered by PeiDei Oy, the employer can manage their own recruitment and leave contact requests for potential applicants. 

The purpose is for the employer to use the service to find a suitable employee for their company. In the application, the employer themself defines the requirements of the employee they apply for. 

The employer acts as a client in this service and informs through the PeiDei service that they are looking for an employee, after which PeiDei matches and offers suitable jobseeker candidates for the position within the salary resource defined by the employer.

Through the PeiDei service, the employer has access to information related to skills, experience and education provided by the applicant. The applicant’s information is delivered to the job provider anonymized, and without precise information about, for example, previous employers. The purpose of anonymous recruitment is that the employer does not know the identity of the applicant before the job interview, and that the selection is made on the basis of skills and experience without discrimination.

PeiDei suggests suitable applicants to the employer, whose skills and experience the employer can obtain additional information according to the valid price list. When you are interested in a applicant offered to your company, you can leave them an interview request through the PeiDei service. 

If the applicant is interested in the job you offer, they accept the interview request anonymously through the PeiDei service. After this, you can freely plan all matters related to the employment relationship.

The price of the service and the determination of fees

PeiDei charges fees based on the activities that take place during the service, as well as the employment relationship that led to the interview and/or recruitment. Payments are determined according to the price list valid at that given time.

Recruitment is considered completed when the employer and employee enter into an employment contract, assignment contract or subcontracting contract within six months of the applicant having contacted the employer by accepting the interview invitation.

The assignment between PeiDei and the employer, i.e. recruitment, is considered completed when the applicant is employed by the company, regardless of whether the applicant is employed in the originally planned position in the company.

Employer’s rights and obligations

In the service offered by PeiDei, the employer can manage their company’s data. The employer has an obligation to report truthful information to the service.

When the employee has contacted the employer, the employer is obliged to inform PeiDei of the progress of the process, regardless of whether the contact led to an employment relationship or not. The report must be made within one month of the job interview. You will receive separate instructions for reporting.

The employer has the right to enter into an employment contract with the applicant independently. However, the condition of our service is that the employer undertakes to pay the employee at least the salary according to the collective agreement of the industry.

PeiDei grants the organization providing work the right to use the service and its content for internal use only, and the content of the service or the information obtained through it may not be copied or distributed to outsiders. The employer may also not use the service contrary to these terms of use, Finnish law or good practice.

According to the current data protection law and the EU data protection regulation, the employer has the obligation to guarantee the data protection of applicants. This means that the personal data of applicants who have been in contact with you may not be shared with outsiders without the applicant’s consent or another legal basis.

PeiDei Oy’s rights and obligations, as well as limitations of liability

The PeiDei service reasonably tries to find out that the employees to whom the job application notice and the employer’s contact information are presented match the professional skills, education and experience, salary expectations, and location of the company offering the job. PeiDei’s purpose is to match applicants and employers, and it has no obligation to justify its choices.

In this service, PeiDei only acts as a mediator of contact information and information related to professional competence provided by the employee themself, and is therefore not responsible for the correctness of the information. PeiDei also does not interview job applicants personally and does not take a position on the actual skills of job applicants or whether the proposed applicant is suitable for the job. PeiDei is not responsible for possible damage to the employer caused by the fact that the applicant has not provided correct or sufficient information to the PeiDei application.

PeiDei does not act as an employer in the service, nor does it operate on a staffing principle, and thus is not responsible for the employer’s obligations either. For this reason, PeiDei is also not responsible for any problems with the new employee, for example related to the job search, employment relationship or employment contract.

PeiDei’s role is to bring the applicant and the employee together, and act legally only as a mediator of contact information and information related to professional expertise.

The contracting parties are not responsible for possible indirect or third-party damages to each other.

PeiDei strives to keep the service available whenever it is technically possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will always work without interruption, on time or without errors.

The service and its contents are provided “as is”. PeiDei is not responsible for the correctness of the information or content transmitted in the service.

PeiDei has the right to modify or change the service, as well as to terminate or close the service, or to cancel an individual user’s access right without separate notification to the users.

Data protection and terms of personal data processing

The parties understand that the implementation of the PeiDei service requires the processing and disclosure of personal data between the parties. 

Both parties process personal data as an independent data controller on their own account.

Both parties undertake to inform applicants in an appropriate and sufficient manner about their processing of personal data. 

Each party undertakes to process the personal data provided by the other party in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and national data protection legislation.

PeiDei properly takes care of the proceeding and storage of personal data, as well as data security. However, PeiDei cannot guarantee the security of the content of the service or the information transmitted through the application. PeiDei is not responsible for possible malware spreading through the service, nor is it responsible for the information or content sent or received by the employer through the service.